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     Jeff & Cheryll Arnold are two separate artists that share the same heart. They believe that in this world of high speed technologies, we, as humans, need a place to retreat... a place our hearts can be happy. We do our best to create these simple and charming places in each picture we paint. If you smile when you look at one of our paintings - we have succeeded. We are not the best artists, but we have fun painting and that's what it's all about.  

  After Cheryll earned her BFA in fine art, we started our life together as an art teacher and a U.S. Marine. One day Cheryll was showing Jeff her class plans for a landscape painting project for her students. Jeff piped up that he had once won an awards in Elementary and High School for paintings he had done and that he had really enjoyed art class. Well, the next day, Cheryll came home to find a beautiful painting that Jeff had done! That was it! We had to team up and try to use this extraordinary double "God Given Gift" to make a new life for ourselves doing what we love! We taught each other our different techniques and soon people could hardly tell our paintings apart without looking at the signature! 

  We began by painting on anything we could find, saw-blades, bottles, cookware, even rocks! We did a few local shows and sold out! We eventually expanded and wanted to produce art prints of our artwork that could be unique to each customer and that's where we got the idea to do personalized paintings, have art prints made, and then make each one into personalized gifts! Now, we go to arts & crafts shows all year where we get a chance to meet our customers and personalize their chosen prints.

Our Prices: We have always tried to keep our prices affordable so that anyone may afford them. There was a time when we could not afford high priced gifts but we still wanted quality gifts. We hope to continue that American tradition of "Good Quality for an Affordable Price." It is an honor for us that someone would even want to hang one of our artworks up in their house! The best advertising for us is word of mouth so thank you for telling others about us!

   Our home is located in Mountain City, TN just north of the Great Smokey Mountains. We have both traveled and lived in different areas all over the world, yet we believe that we live in  the most beautiful area imaginable. We decided that country living was the life for us. With deep mountain valleys, high mountain peaks, winding country roads, cabins, barns, and good people, we are never without inspiration.  And if you don't live here or have not visited the Smoky Mountains, we would like to invite you here to experience our country lifestyle through our artwork. 

  We believe there is a place in our hearts in which we can retreat; a place of wonder, beauty, and good feelings. This place may not appear on any particular map, but for us to create it, we need only to look within. In each artwork we do, we would like to think that we are creating a place in which your heart can be "at home." We hope you enjoy our art.

 P.S.  We thank the Lord everyday for the talents He has bestowed upon us and the happiness in which He has blessed our hearts: Thus we are......................

"Arnold's Art from the Heart"

To all the good people we may meet only once in a lifetime, to those who buy our art without ever meeting us, and to those who have become our cherished friends......Thank you.

©2000-2017 Cheryll & Jeff Arnold

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Jeff Arnold, Arnold's Art from the Heart

Jeff & Cheryll Arnold on the Alaska Hwy


Jeff Arnold Alaska Salmon fishing       Cheryll Arnold on Oregon Coast



 We paint an image of a beagle dog into every limited edition personalized art print!  Can you find him?

Click Here  for the story of the "Beagle Dog"


Jeff and Cheryll facts and trivia!

Jeff & Cheryll have been happily married since 1988. We have been professional artists working side by side since 1992. We do about 30 arts and craft shows a year from Fargo to Florida! Will we be at a festival near you? Check here to see! Sorry, But we no longer do custom paintuings. We simply do not have the time.

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to see the hand-painted crafts that we used to sell at craft shows.

Jeff served in the U.S.M.C. from 1985-89

Cheryll graduated high school from the N.C. School of the Arts in 1985

We have traveled with our camper from TN. to Alaska-above the Artic Circle and back! See Jeff above with his Alaska Salmon!

We love Walt Disney World! And go every chance we get! The artistic imagination blows us away!
Jeff lived in Okinawa, Japan for over 2 yrs. with time spent in Korea, Mainland Japan, and the jungles of the Philippines. Cheryll lived in Baltimore, Md. for 4 years while attending the MD. Institute College of Art where she earned her Bachelor of Art degree. She also lived for 4 months in Italy studying art history. We are proud to say that our personalized art prints are in homes all over the world! Canada, Mexico, England, France, Germany, Russia, Italy, Japan, China, Korea, Canary Islands, Ireland, Mexico, Canada, Belgium, Poland, Australia, and Africa....and those are just the countries we know about!
Jeff worked with his father after the marines doing auto-body repair and mechanic work until we could afford to paint for a living! Cheryll taught public school art for grades 6-12 for 2 years at Robbinsville High School in Graham Co. N.C. just outside the Smokey mountains Jeff rides a 2013 Harley Road King.  Cheryll rides a 2008 Harley 1200 Sporster.

We ride cross country to Sturgis, SD almost every year. 


We love to travel and experience new places and new cultures! We have traveled to Alaska, Hawaii, All lower 48 states, Africa, Japan, England, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy, Luxemborg, Mexico, The Carribean, Costa Rica, & Belize. 





We specialize in  personalized art prints which make perfect gifts for all occasions. We offer these for a price under $20 ! Please click on the links above or below to view all our artworks. We are proud to say that our personalized gifts are made in the USA.

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