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   The wildlife paintings below are not only perfect for any animal lover but make great gifts for home decor. Perfect for all occasions, these personalized gifts make great Christmas, birthday, or house warming presents. Or, as always, just pick one out for yourself! They are all under $20 ! Don't forget to look for the beagle dog somewhere in every painting! Each wildlife art print will be hand-personalized by Jeff or Cheryll Arnold and come with a Certificate of Authenticity and mat of your choice. Just choose Navy Blue, Hunter Green, Burgundy, Black, Cream marble or Purple! 

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"Bear Necessities" 


Ltd. Ed. 5000  By Cheryll Arnold

Personalize the Log!

(example: Welcome to " The Jones' or Hank's Place)

  "Deer Lake"


Ltd. Ed. 5000   By Cheryll Arnold

Personalize the Rock!

(example: Robert & Kate or The McConnell's)


"Forever Falls"


Ltd. Ed. 5000  By Cheryll Arnold

Personalize the Tree!

(example: Kelly + David or The Arnold's or Lisa's Room)

Spring Break!


Ltd. Ed. 2400   By Jeff Arnold

Personalize the Log!

(example: The Barstow's)


"National Treasures" 


Ltd. Ed. 5000  By Cheryll Arnold

Personalize the Sign!

(example: Welcome to " The Jones' or Hank's Place)

"Winter WhiteTail"


Ltd. Ed. 2400  By Cheryll Arnold

Personalize the Tree!

(example: Justin & Nancy or Jerry's Retreat or The Hall's)


"Gator Guests"


Ltd. Ed. 5000   By Cheryll Arnold

Personalize your Swamp Shack!

(ex: Hank's Hideaway or Larry's Retreat


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NOTE: These prints do not come personalized.    Size with mat: 11" x 14"

wolves drawing, wolf art, black & white wolf

"Calling Long Distance"

Ltd. Ed. 1200  By Cheryll Arnold

The mesmerizing call of the wild. Wolves mate for life and this pair seems to be calling out their happiness-free to roam the mountains together! 

eagle art, eagle black & white drawing, on the wings of eagles

"On The Wings of Eagles"

Ltd. Ed. 1200  By Cheryll Arnold

    Let freedom fly high! This majestic symbol of our country exudes power and beauty flying high over the mountains and the lakes. 

bear art, bear drawing, bear & deer

"Local Legends"

Ltd. Ed. 1200  By Cheryll Arnold

    They have been sited but never out smarted. A giant of a black bear and a 12-point buck living on that same mountain together. They are the subject of  many a tall tale.

These prints do not feature our beagle image

cow drawing, cow & cat, cow art

"Any Milk For Me"

Ltd. Ed. 1200  By Cheryll Arnold

The cat and the cow have a long standing relationship. The cat will keep the mice away if the cow will give a little milk today. 

fox art, fox drawingin pen & ink

"Foxy Mama"

Ltd. Ed. 1200  By Cheryll Arnold

   This proud mama and her playful pups take a break to relax awhile before scampering away to find another place to play.

raccoon art, raccoon drawing, raccoon in trash

"Caught in the Act!"

Ltd. Ed. 1000  By Cheryll Arnold

 Raccoons are sweet and beautiful! But they sure know how to make a mess! This pictures a particular raccoon that used to visit us often. He was so cute -we had to forgive him!


"Tranquility Cabin"


Ltd. Ed. 5000   By Cheryll Arnold

Personalize the cabin mailbox!

(example:  The Baxter's' or Greg & Rita)

"The Petting Zoo "


Ltd. Ed. 2400   By Cheryll Arnold

Personalize this Critter Barn!

Makes great personalized gifts for your Veterinarian or animal lover!

(example: Casey's Critters or Carter Animal Hospital)




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Size with  mat: 11" x 14"

$15 each

or 2 for $25

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We specialize in  personalized art prints which make perfect gifts for all occasions. We offer these for a price under $20 ! Please click on the links above or below to view all our artworks. We are proud to say that our personalized gifts are made in the USA.

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Note from the Artists:

  Cheryll and Jeff Arnold are both artists who live in the mountains of east Tennessee just north of the Great Smokey Mountains National Park . We do paintings of country art that depicts the country living lifestyle typical of the Appalachian region. Our limited edition personalized art prints of cabins, farms, campers, bikers, fishing, hunting scenes, and many more depictions, make perfect personalized gifts for you, your family and friends! Also look for our Beagle dog image in every personalized limited edition art print! 

  Our original art is first painted with acrylic on  prepared masonite- to bring out the smoothest color possible! Then we produce limited edition art prints from these originals. We can then put your name on each of our paintings which is included in the price! Our art prints make great personalized gifts !

  Most of our prints also come to you matted to fit a standard size frame and includes a certificate of authenticity and a title card on the back!

  Besides selling these art prints on our website, we travel to many states and areas to sell our personalized art prints to you at arts and crafts festivals outside of the north east Tennessee area. A list of our shows where we plan to be this year can be found on the link above.

  We ship all over the U.S. !  So you don't have to live near our area to bring a piece of our art to your home!


Have fun visiting our website! and Thank You!- Cheryll & Jeff Arnold

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